Academic Integrity at the School of Computer Science

The School of Computer Science and the University of Auckland value providing the best possible learning experience to our students. Maintaining academic integrity is central to maximising this learning experience as well as to upholding the values we collectively stand for.

While we encourage you to work with each other discussing concepts and engaging in group learning activities, we require the work you do for assessed coursework to be your own. All coursework is there to enhance learning, so if you submit work that you did not complete yourself, you are cheating yourself of a learning opportunity and de-value your degree for your classmates and yourself.

When you are working on an assignment, it is acceptable to get help from our staff and our tutors. You can also discuss the assignment and methods of solution with other students.

However, you must NOT

When you are working on an online quiz, test or examination, all of the above rules equally apply. In addition, you are not allowed to discuss the quiz, test or examination and methods of solution with other students at any time during the quiz, test or examination until after grades have been posted.

Updated: 2023 S2